I sometimes get a bad stomach ache and my burps smell like eggs and I also get very dizzy and blackout for a second. Is this acid reflux?

Yes. Some of it is - the burping and stomach pain; the egg smell is hydrogen sulfide which can be produced in the stomach. Blacking out and getting dizzy may be a vagal reaction from belching, but i would see a physician about it. Blacking out, even for a second, is a serious symptom and can result in injury if it occurred while driving or even crossing a street. See your doctor.
Stomach ache and bur. You may have acd reflux disease, you can try over the counter prilosec20mgm once a day and see if your symptoms get better.It can also be due to gall bladder disese, so if you dont feel better with Prilosec see your doctor.The dizziness and blackout are not usual symptoms of either but may be related to somach pain.The only other possibility is peptic ulcer disease whichis caused by h pylori infecti.

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Are on & off stomach aches, nausea and juicy burps normal with acid reflux?

Acid reflux. You're definitely describing some of the symptoms associated with acid reflux. Other symptoms include *burning sensation in chest (heartburn) *sour taste in your mouth *Chest pain *Difficulty swallowing * Dry cough *Hoarseness or sore throat *Regurgitation of food or sour liquid (acid reflux) *Sensation of a lump in throat. I would rec you see a physician. Read more...
GERD/Gastritis. These symptoms are common in GERD and gastritis.you may also have infection in the stomach called H .Pylori. Please get tested for that.These are treatable with meds and life style and dietary changes. Untreated gastritis can change to Ulcers. So I suggest please see your doctor . Read more...