Can an yung adult get thrush? My tongue fills soft n theres patches parts is pink other parts is another color not white thoe back of throar alil sore

Oral thrush in adult. Adults with intact immune system do not normaly get thrush on the tongue.From your description it seems you have some oyher condition of your tongue and you need to consult your doctor.You can get this kind of tongue fron anemia, some vitamine deficiency, related to certain foods and certain medications.So consult your medical doctor.
Geographic tongue. Anyone can get thrush, but your description is more consistent with geographic tongue, a common condition without much clinical significance. Occurs more in adults, most have no symptoms, but some have more sensitivies to hot/spicey foods etc..Some area of redness, some flat, other raissed, serpiginous white, hyperkeratotic borders..Sound like your? If yes, u got a geographic tongue.. Good luck.