I skipped sugar pills and went straight to next pill pack. Had unprotected sex last night. Should I be worried? Should I do morning after pill?

No & No. We often tell our patients to skip sugar pills altogether & start next month's active birth control pills in order to manipulate their menses, say for honeymoon or vacation purposes. Some newer birth control pills don't even have sugar pills so you end up w/less frequent menses. But do remember that birth control pills won't prevent stds - so make sure he wears a condom each time!
No and no. It is safe and ok to take birth control pills continuously. You are actually better protected against pregnancy when you don't take any time off from active pills. You may have more spotting if you take your pills continuously and will need your prescription written differently so you can have enough pills. Talk to your doctor.

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I started my pill pack one day late. Took two pill the next day. Had unprotected sex on third day. Took morning after pill just to be safe. Is it ok?

Maybe (not) . . . Ok from what? Sexually transmitted disease? No. Pregnancy? Probably. But it's better to take birth control pills as directed rather than depend upon morning after pills. So if it's difficult to take pills regularly, ask your family doctor for other options eg shots, patches, etc. Read more...