It looks like I might have hyperthyroid how big of a deal is this really? Apart from PMS like symptoms and major weight loss what is so bad about it?

Hyperthyroid? Can have many symptoms that need treatment . Some it and not all r thew following:goiter( visibly enlarged thyroid gland). Heat intolerance;, difficulty concentrating; fatigue , frequent bowel movement; increased appetite; increased sweating; nervousness., restlessness...It is defiantly worth to see u pcp or an endocrinologist for it, .
Well, it's not good. Bad news about uncontrolled hyperthyroidism include atrial fibrillation (which increases risk of stroke) and osteoporosis (which increases risk of fracture). That ignores the tremors, anxiety and palpitations. Check out mayo clinic's take on hyperthyroidism http://bit.Ly/mpout.