I had my lapband remove about 3 years ago and the spot on my left same hurts. Should I get a xray or is this normal.?

Possibly. You didn't give a lot of information for a complete answer. If your band was removed because of a complication from the band and it was causing pain, you should definitely get an x-ray with contrast in your stomach (upper GI x-ray or ct scan). Pain can be from many different things, so if you are having pain, you should discuss it with your primary physician to find the source.
Maybe. Pain may not have been band related. Check with the surgeon and a GI doctor.
No. First of all is the pain constant or intermittent, and does it feel like a spasm or not.Because ever time the abdomen is opened it causes adhesion and you can regonize if starts with eating food or does the pain has anything with ingesting any kind of food or not?