Which is lidocaine hydrochloride oral topical solution udp 2%?

Anesthetic Solution. It is a solution of anesthetic that is used to reduce pain in your mouth due to an ulcer, painful tooth or even recent surgery.

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What is lidocaine hydrochloride oral topical solution 2%?

Topical pain relieve. It is a topical pain reliever used for mouth sores like canker sores and cold sores. Read more...

Does lidocaine hydrochloride oral topical solution, 2% heal my chancre soar?

No, just pain relief. Topical Lidocaine will only relieve tenderness of a sore. However, a chancre is from syphilis and is usually not painful. Do you mean canker sore in the mouth? Those are painful and Lidocaine would help with pain but not heal. Read more...