Found out I am positive for mutation in brca 1 gene advice needed please?

Life planning. This is something to discuss closely w/ your MD. Ovarian CA more likely w/ BRCA1 than BRCA2. Women w/ either BRCA have >50% chance of developing breast cancer. If you have it, get screened with CA-125 blood test, ultrasound, mammogram/MRI, usually starting at age 30. Surgery after childbearing includes removal of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, as well as mastectomy. Good luck.
Breast surg and gyn . Important for mutation carriers to find an experienced breast surgeon and gyn onc. Survelience for breasts includes yearly MRI and yearly mam. For ovaries, ultrasound and tumor markers. Preventative mastectomy (usually sparing the nipples) with immediate reconstruction is generally recommended, as is preventative removal of ovaries when done having children.