What tests are done on newborns?

Depends on the state. Many states have either few or extensive tests on the newborn for treatable or significant conditions. In my state dozens are covered including phenylketonuria, sickle cell, thyroid and too many others to mention. Sometimes we check for anemia, blood sugar or infection, : blood tests for ABO reactions are common if mom is o+ and we commonly test for jaundice without drawing blood using a meter.
PKU and Billirrubin. Normal newborns only have a bilirrubin level, that is a predictor for jaundice and a newborn screen or pku.

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What tests are done on a newborn?

Varies. Depending on the status of the newborn (normal,premi, undersized, oversized,infant of diabetic,etc) the testing varies.With some, the basic testing includes metabolic screening for a variety of conditions.In my state, about 27 conditions are part of the screening.Other states vary. Read more...