Is it better to shower or take a bath if dry skin?

Eczema. With eczema, you are better to take a shower than a bath. A bath will make the eczema worse. When you get out of the shower dry off your skin and add a moisturizer like otc cerave cream or cutemol.
Depends. Very hot water in any circumstance will dry your skin out. Some people advocate short showers in order to not "strip" your skin of natural oils. On the other hand there are simple oils like olive oil you can use in the bath that helps moisturize dry skin. In any case see what your skin reacts better to and also be mindful of your hydration and of the soaps and lotions you put on your skin.

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How often do you have a bath vs shower if dry skin and elderly?

Every other day. There is no standard in grooming with patients who have dry skin. We used to say that eczema patients should not bathe daily, but we know this is not true any longer if they are moisturizing immediately after the shower or the bath. For an elderly person who does not perform a lot of physical activity, every other day or every 3rd day bathing should be adequate. Read more...

Small red bumps on forearms that don't itch mainly come out after shower/bath then 20 min later are gone? I've had them for 2 months. Very dry skin to

Not Sure. When you have bumps that come and go quickly, it is unlikely that it is a harmful condition. Some possibilities include a contact or irritant dermatitis, and hives. There are rare instances where people are allergic or get rashes to water. As for the dry skin, i like for my patients to apply creams or moisturizers within 5 minutes of bath or shower- cerave & cetaphil are good starting points. Read more...