Hello doctors, what does an EKG and holter monitor detect?

Abnormal. Abnormality of heart rhythm htn angina heart attack and many others DX can be made from these tests ask the doctor if and why when they are ordered.

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19 y.o. female with 50 bpm @ rest. Feel tired a lot but normal ekg, echo, &holter monitor. Doc said its ok. Workout 5 days/week (25 min). Normal?

Normal HR. You're young and you exercise and you're female. These all contribute to your lower resting heart rate, which is normal and actually quite healthy, especially knowing the normal results of all those tests. Read more...

Sometimes PVCs, sinus Tachycardia. Holter monitor and ekg. Doctor thinks dehydration and blood volume issues from enalapril. Other causes?

There are several. potential diagnoses that could explain sinus tachycardia (autonomic dysfunction, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, medication effects, anxiety, dehydration, etc.) We all have occasional PVCs. You live near a University health care facility so make an appointment with a cardiologist there for a second opinion. Read more...