I want to know what's the genetics for phenylketonuria (pku)?

Autosomal recessive. The gene defect is carried by both asymptomatic parents who have one normal gene to make up for their defective one. When 2 defective genes end up in their baby the cells do not have the code needed to use phenylalanine. Toxic products build up in babies blood unless phenylalanine is removed from their diet.

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I want to know what's the genetic disorder called pku?

Phenylalanine (Phe) Your genes pass the code to your cells for making enzymes it needs to utilize dietary substances. Food must be broken down to usable parts ; recycled in each cell to become the building blocks of cell walls, muscle, etc.In pku a kid inherits a bad code from both asymptomatic parents ; doesn't make the phe enzyme. A buildup of phe becomes toxic, can cause brain damage and phe spills into the urine. Read more...