Best way to get rid of edema in arm between elbow & wrist.

Depends on cause. It is not normal for a 34 year old female to have upper extremity edema, unless she had breast surgery and removal of lymph nodes in the arm pit (axilla). So, you must see an internist or a primary care physician to determine why edema (if it is truly edema) is present.
Elevation. That depends on the cause, but ice and elevation of the limb help. See your doctor as to the cause!

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How can I get rid of swelling in my hand due to a broken elbow and broken ulna? The swelling is pretty bad.

Elevate/evaluation. If the swelling is painful, or if your hand is cold, pale, or numb, you need to be evaluated promptly. If your arm is in a cast, it's possible the cast was placed too tightly and is cutting off venous blood flow. If there is no pain, pallor, or numbness, then keeping your hand elevated above the level of your heart will help reduce the swelling. Read more...