My RA doc recommended stopping my wkly sunday dose of 20 mg methotrexate, getting my shingles vaccine monday, resume next sun dose. Is 20 a low dose?

Individual . The dosage is vary and will be different for different patients. Do not adjust the dose by yourself. Take this medicine only as directed by your doctor. If concern, is always good to ask your physician.
Follow MD'S advice. He has studied long ; hard 2 get where he/she is. Don't try 2 second quess him/her or confuse the issue.

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Can I receive the shingles vaccine if I have RA a and I am taking methotrexate and rituximab?

No as a general rule. Its best to offer live vaccines such as zostavax prior to initiating therapy with immunosupressive agents. Combination of Rituximab with a live vaccine may cause more harm than good. In rare cases, only your doctor can decide if the benefit of this vaccine outweighs the potential risks. If feasible, Rituximab may be stopped for a few months prior to administering live vaccine. Read more...