11 month old continues to cough after RSV has cleared. Teething or something RSV related? Sometimes she coughs so much she throws up.

Common. Infants who have RSV bronchiolitis will often cough intermittently for at least a month after the primary infection. They will also cough more with irritant exposures to dust/fragrance/smoke/etc. For the next year they can wheeze on occasion with minor colds.As long as baby is eating and playful it is likely okay.If the kid starts refusing feeds or to play they deserve a followup exam.
Not related to teeth. It is not related to teething but i will suggest let your pediatrician check the baby as it may be related to RSV or asthmatic condition or pneumonia.
Resistant cough. Let's rule dental related. Nope. Go to the er or your pedo doc right away. Best for you.