How do I get rid of my dry skin rashes using just OTC creams?

After you bathe... ...Apply a good emollient lotion (any brand will do) to your skin while it is still moist, to lock in the moisture. If that doesn't solve the problem, there is more going on than just dry skin, and you will have to see a dermatologist.

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How to get rid of dry skin without Asian or toxic creams?

No one best cream. If there was only one, there would be only one choice in the dry skin aisle. Every skin is different, so what works for one may not work for others. Best to take short showers, soak in tub for 30 mins and then apply cream . There are some good rx creams for dry skin but are very expensive . Read more...

I have very dry skin on my shins. I moisturise with e45 cream (I have tried others) & exfoliate but nothing will get rid of it. What can it be?

Ichthyosis. Possibly ichthyosis there are some particular moisturizers that you might try: cerave sa carmol 20 amlactin all are over the counter and can be quite helpful. Another good option for the shins if you can stand it, is to slather them with vaseline, cover up with tall socks, and sleep that way. Sometimes makes a dramatic difference overnight. Read more...