Nose bleed for the first time left nostril headache on the left side, little dizziness. What shall I do?

Nose bleed . Put a lot of ointment in the nose that bled. Usually nose bleeds will stop when you humidify the nose. Irrigate the nose with saline 50 cc each nostril 5 times a day. Use ocean nasal spray throughout the day. I would not worry about the dizziness. This probably occurred because you were scared about the nose bleed and hyperventilated. Good luck. Feel better!

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Monday my head felt weird n was really dizzy n felt really sick with no energy now everyday I have bad headachs n today I had a bad nose bleed?

Check it out. The first things are not too worrisome but any time you have a nosebleed for no reason and this is new for you, you should have it checked. Could be nothing, could be severe hypertension, abnormal bleeding tendency...The nasal mucosa is served by 3 arteries so even if it's "just a nosebleed" you can lose a lot of blood if it isn't stopped. Read more...