I have a dull ache in my back. If I press lightly on my back near my spine below my ribcage I get a sharp pain. No UTI symptoms. No fever?

Need to be evaluated. By your pcp for starters, so basic labs, xrays, us examinations could be initiated. Depending on the results of these, she/he will generate an onward referral to a urologist or a spinal/ ortho. Surgeon. Good luck and happy holidays.

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How do you know if a lower back ache is muscular skeletal or a kidney infection? No fever or UTI symptoms.

Sometimes it is hard. To know but a backache due to back problems generally is worse with activity or position and better with rest (mechanical) while back pain from a referred source like a kidney issue or an ulcer is painful no matter what position (nonmechanical). If a history of urinary infections, get checked as they can present with no typical symptoms. Read more...