I have a new born baby with one tsetse is that a normal thing? Also if not than what is cure?

Common,self-corrects. Our testicles start in the abdomen and descend before birth but 1 or both have not descended by birth in 3-4% of newborns. Most of the time it will descend by 9 months without any treatment. If it has not descended by age 1 then surgery should be done. See http://www.Nlm.Nih.Gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000973.Htm the only non-surgical treatment for this that i know of is homeopathy.
Not Normal. Not normal most newborns both testes can be felt in the scrotum testes may not be present in 1in30male babies. While baby is growing in the uterus the testes are located in the abdomen.Just before birth the tested descend down in scrotum most cases. Most will come down on its own by age of 3-4months, and if not needs medical intervention discuss with pediatrician. Some time it is difficult to fee.