How do you get bunions, and what is a good age to have bunion surgery?

Heredity. Bunions are primarily inherited, but tight shoes can aggravate this condition. It is best to wait until bones are fully developed, in order to avoid injury to growth plates. Generally this is after the age of 14-16. Consult with a board certified foot surgeon who performs these procedures on a regular basis. Try to seek patient testimonials.
Family. Bunions tend to run in families or at least foot structure does. The 1st metatarsal shifts medically and widens compared to rest of foot, extra bone grows and toe tilts toward the second toe. That's the basics . Hope that helps!
Genetics. You picked the wrong mom and dad! bunions form because of an unstable foot structure--a structure you inherited. Good shoes and orthotics may slow the progression of a bunion, but won't prevent one, and won't get rid of one that has formed. And it's not age that i look for in surgical candidates, it's overall health.
Cause of bunions . Bunions are caused by a hyper mobile foot type aggravated by shoes. They begin earlier in life and can get worse with age. Surgery is recommended whe patients have bunion pain even when they are not wearing shoes.
Foot type. Bunions are usually hereditary and not usually cause by shoe gear. Your foot type and structure of your foot will contribute to forming bunions. So if your mothernor father have by ios and you do as well you should compare your feet and usually you the same foot type. Either being flat footed or high arched can contribute to deformities involving the foot suchnas bunions.