What happens when you have an ingrown toenail for too long? Does it get badly infected?

Yes it can. And it will get worse until you get it fixed.
Treat Ingrown Nails. An ingrown nail will eventually cut into the skin and create a portal of entry for bacteria. Symptoms would include swelling, redness, drainage and pain. It is important to have the offending portion of nail removed asap, in order to prevent further spread of infection. This is an easy in-office procedure performed under a local anesthetic. Most podiatrists also use a cold spray prior to injection.

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Best way to get rid of infected ingrown toenails?

See podiatrist. Infected ingrown nails will need antibiotics and need to be cut out. See your doctor.
Remove the nail edge. An ingrown is similar to a splinter. You must remove the nail edge to correct the problem.
Infected Ingrow toen. Best way is surgically remove the ingrowing toenail and cleanig the area to drain and coverage with appropriate antibiotics.

I have two badly infected ingrown toenails, should I go see a foot doctor?

Yes. Ingrown toenails typically do not resolve on there own without treatment. Save your money on over the counter remedies.
Dr. Chuba. Gave the best advice you could get. Don't even try to mess with these yourself, especially since they're infected. The procedure to fix these is simple, fast and painless. You'll probably also need a course of antibiotics. Don't wait.
Podiatrist. You should see toe podiatrist immediately for evaluation.

What to do if I have an ingrown toenail infected?

Have it evaluated. Ingrown toenails can be temporarily remedied through soaking your foot in warm water, removal of embedded debris from the nail borders, and applying an antibiotic ointment to temporarily soften the corners. If you have continued pain, redness or drainage, get it looked at by a professional as you may need to have the ingrown nail border removed and you may need antibiotics.
Evaluation. See a Podiatrist ASAP, as infection can worsen.

What to do if I have an ingrown toenail : (infected. What do I do?

You see a foot. Doctor who will fix you all up in about five minutes. (Once your in the exam room)

What do you suggest if I have an ingrown toenail : (infected. What do I do?

See a foot doc. Usually, the offending nail needs to be removed. You can try soaking in warm water and Epsom salt and applying a topical antibiotic until you can get to the doc. On occasion, you may get lucky with an oral antibiotic but usually the nail that is ingrown needs to be removed.

Have an ingrown toenail but it isn't infected. Doesn't hurt or itch. I put cotton under the nail but it isn't going away. What should I do?

See a. Podiatrist before it starts to hurt or get infected. If it is truly ingrown. As it grows further will begin to tunnel into the skin potentially causing problems. The podiatrist will cut the nail down to keep it from growing into the skin. So have it evaluated before it becomes a problem.

So, I have 2 infected and ingrown toenails, with which I was able to completely cut off both nails. No pain at all... is this bad? What should I do?

You need to. Make sure that you have removed the ingrown toenail at the nail bed, or it will grow crooked again and cause the same issue later. Usually this requires some anesthesia and chemical sterilization to make sure that the nail regrows straight and unhindered. If you had no pain on cutting off the nail, it is likely that you did not reach the nailbed. Please see a healthcare provider for proper exam.