Colon biopsy:huge tubulovillous adenoma with marked atypia, multi foci adenocarcinoma in situ &one tiny focus suggestive of micro invasion. Is it cancer?

Yes. Adenocarcinoma in situ is cancer. The area suggestive of micro invasion suggests you should have rather aggressive followup screening which I am sure your doctor has, or will soon suggest. Stay on top of this and follow his/her advice.
Yes. And presumably cured. Get 'scoped regularly from now on. Best wishes.

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Colon:multi foci adenocarcinoma in situ &tubulovillous adenoma. Doctor suggest colonscopy to remove adenoma but another suggested surgery. Which better?

Depends. The 2 important factors to consider are the size of the polyp ; your health status. If the polyp is small and your health is not good, colonoscopic removal may be your best bet. If the polyp is very large ; your are in good health, surgery may be the wiser option. Read more...