What to do if you come upon a traumatic amputation in a car accident?

Let me explain. The most important to do when face with traumatic amputation is to control the bleeding some way otherwise could bleed to death.
Call 911. I am assuming you are asking about what first aid to provide if you come upon a car accident victim. First and foremost is calling 911 with as much information as you can. If the emts will take a long time to get there the 911 operator can guide you to provide some help until they get there. Controlling bleeding becomes the priority in those circumstances.
Many. Payour family doctor knew very well he may try some medications it may take care of it, if did not help then he could refer you to hand specialist.
Control bleeding. In addition to direct pressure to control bleeding over the site, limit the victims activity. If resources are available, wrap the severed appendage in a clean moist cloth.

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How does a traumatic amputation in accident occur?

Shearing or cutting. Trauma is when external forces are applied to the human body. The energy transmitted is effected by the angle of the force, the amount of force and protective gear. For amputations that occur before arrival to the hospital, a frequent mechanism is motorcycle wrecks. Obviously cutting instruments like saws can cause amputation. Read more...
Forces. Sharp cutting, pressure, or sheering forces may cause traumatic amputations. Read more...