What allergies are the most likely causes of urticaria?

Food allergy. Urticaria is a common presentation of food allergy. The common food allergens r peanut, tree nuts, milk, egg white, wheat, seafood, etc. But any food can cause allergy. Urticaria can also happen w drug allergy, sometimes pollen/animal allergy, but not as often. Sometime urticaria can happen w no obvious reason. See an allergist if it bothers u often, or u suspect it is due to an allergy.
Urticaria. Milk, cheese, egg, protein products, wheat, cereals, certain daals as used in india, peas, orange, fish, chicken, etc. Synthetic and natural food additives and artificially-flavored food articles can cause urticaria. However, medications, environment allergens, infections, infestations, emotional factors, autoimmune diseases, systemic and general disease states and idiopathic causes.See allergist.