What are some early symptoms of throat cancer?

Dysphagia. Weight loss, and pain with swallowing are some of the early signs of esophageal cancer. Unfortunately by the time symptoms present the cancer is usually advanced.
Hoarseness, etc. Symptoms vary with the primary site. Oral cavity lesions can present with nonhealing ulcers that are painful. Hoarseness is an early symptom of laryngeal or throat cancer. Sore throat or otalgia can be a late symptom of oropharyngeal cancer. Rarely, patients can have rock hard cervical or supraclavicular lymph node enlargement. Most patients present over 50 years of age.
Dysphagia. Difficulty in swallowing, "lump" in the throat, change in speech, cough with blood tinged sputum, and pain in the throat.

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What are common symptoms of throat cancer?

Many. Hoarseness or changes in voice, cough, persistent sore throat or pain, difficulty breathing or swallowing and ear ache are the most common symptoms.
Voice and swallowing. Common preventing signs of throat cancer are a change in your voice, difficulty swallowing or development of a lump or lump node in your neck that is painless.

What are some of the symptoms of throat cancer?

Symptoms/throat canc. Sore throat which persist, large gland in neck, hoarseness of voice, difficulty in swallowing, speech difficulty, persistant earache, mass and pain in neck, bleeding from mouth, sinus congestion, bad breath, sour tongue, weight loss.
Trouble with. Voice change; swallowing; breathing. Throat begins at yout tonsils, ends at the cricoid cartilage with the swallowing tube in the back, and the larynx, true voacl cors below, supraglottis above. The valecula lives in from of the epiglottis, behind the base of your tongue. The little doo-dad that hangs down, the uvual, is part of the soft palate.

What are some typical symptoms of throat cancer?

Throat ca. Hoarse voice, voice changes, hurts to swallow, hard to swallow, lymp nodes on the neck, neck mass, blood when clearing your throat. Sore throat.

What are the illnesses which could give similar symptoms of throat cancer?

Yes, see below. An iron deficiency related entity "plummer wilson syndrome" can have symptoms similar to cancer. See this site for more info. Http://emedicine. Medscape. Com/article/187341-overview.

What are some mild symptoms of throat cancer that you might not realize is throat cancer?

Irritation, lump, hoa. Feeling of irritation or a lump in the throat may be missed and be attributed to sore throat. Depending on what you call :"throat" hoarseness may also be misinterpreted.