Is lymph node biopsy in neck usually done under local or general anesthesia? How long until I recover and go back to normal activities?

Local anesthesia. Even for the excisional biopsy is a standard of care. In case of the anxiety conscious sedation can be administrated. You will be able to return to normal activity the next day.

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100.2 fever after lymph node biopsy in neck what's normal and what's not normal?

Not usual. Call the doctor that asked you to follow up after the biopsy or if there is suture to be checked taken out or care for a possible infection. If not tender, you may have reactions to other factors such as latex, beta iodine or others you ingested unrelated to the biopsy. Do not worry,some people do have febrile reaction, even with minor pricks or bites. But do check your biopsy pathology,obviously. Read more...