My pdoc changed my diagnosis from bipolar type 2 to recurrent depression w/anxiety. What's the diffence? Still on all the same meds? I don't get it?

Recurrent depression. means repeated episodes of unipolar disorder. Bipolar Depression means that there are episodes of depression as well as episodes with elevated mood and energy level. See you are taking valproic acid - that would be appropriate for either recurrent depression or for bipolar depresion. However, antidepressants can sometimes cause problems when treating bipolar disorder.
Bi II vs depression. Bipolar is a condition with mood swings (depression to mania). Depression is sadness and loss of interest. The bipolar ii is similar to depression with short hypomania (mild mania) and long periods of the depression. It may be difficult to distinguish. Hence, both condition are controlled with same medications, but different counseling.