Can a pinched nerve cause neck pain shoulder and shoulder blade pain? Or what are some different things it could be?

MANY CONSIDERATIONS. A ruptured disc in neck, thoracic outlet syndrome, pectoralis minor syndrome, parsonage turner syndrome, all could be considered. Even carpal tunnel may refer pain upwards, but not usually into neck. Shoulder, neck, and blade pain may be seen with internal shoulder derangements, such as rotator cuff tear. With all these thoughts, see your physician and pin this down. Then treat it.
Find the cause. There are different terms used to describe spinal disc pathology and associated pain, such as "herniated disc", "pinched nerve", and "bulging disc". Many reason for your pain. Rather than caring about which term is used or site of pain, it is more useful to gain a understanding of the precise medical diagnosis and cause of pain. Rec. :see pain management specialist for evaluation and treatment..