I have the plague, what is my chances of survival with treatment?

85% or better, in US. With treatment, chances of survival with the plague is 85% or better, in the United States. The majority of cases are bubonic plague. For pneumonic plague, treatment must be started within 24 hours, in order to have a chance at survival.
~90% Which type do you have? Bubonic, pneumonic, or septicemic? Rates differ.

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I have the plague, what is my chances of survival without treatment?

50% if Bu, 0% if Pne. The plague is usually bubonic (one catches it from being bit by infected fleas or rodents, and the bacteria infects one's lymph nodes) or pneumonic (one catches it by breathing infected moisture droplets exhaled, sneezed, or coughed out by an infected person or animal, and the bacteria infects one's lungs). The chances of survival without treatment is about 50% for bubonic, and zero for pneumonic. Read more...
50/50 if systemic. Without treatment you're at the mercy of your immune system. If very strong against agents like the plague you may survive. But its 50/50 if the disease is systemic (as opposed to dermal alone). Dermal plague has much better survival numbers. Get eval and treatment from your PCP or an infectious disease specialist. Read more...