I'm curious as to what can I do to stop grinding my teeth at night?

Bruxism. Teeth grinding can damage teeth, supporting tissues, and jaw joint. Your Dentist has support available for yu including, but not limited to, biofeedback, exercises, medications, etc. If grinding persists your Dentist may want to make a night guard for you to wear. That way you can grind on plastic which is softer than enamel, and therefore dramatically lessens damage to teeth.
See DDS. See your dentist for a complete evaluation. It may be as simple as fabricating a night guard, if you would be compliant with wearing it or more extensive rehabilitation may be needed, see your dentist for a definitive answer for your particular case.
Bruxism relief. Bruxism is most often associated with stress of daily life. Find ways to reduce stress in your life. There are other causes such as a malocclusion or "bad bite". See your local dentist to personally examine you, discover causes and suggest both preventive and treatment techniques.
Nightguard . See a dentist whose practice includes Bruxism or night grinding. (S)he will make an appliance you can wear at night to protect your teeth from harm. As to the underlying problem reducing stress in your life usually helps a lot.
Dental exam. See a dentist to evaluate your grinding. You may be damaging your teeth and causing TMJ pain. headaches and other problems.