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I was just brushing my teeth&tongue witelectric toothbrush&when I spat out ther lots of bloodI think it was wee lumps on the on back tongue is it ok?

Lingual papilla. This is totally normal! The large bumps are actually circumvallate papillae. Nothing to worry about, everyone has them! As for the bleeding it may be coming from your gums if you infrequently floss. If it continues, a quick visit to the dentist can determine the cause! Best of luck!

I can't efficiently brush my 12m toddlers two bottom teeth. She always sticks her tongue out to lick the toothbrush and I can't get to them.

Teeth brushing. If your daughter only has front teeth, you can try an "over the finger" tooth brush instead of 1 with a handle. It fits over your index finger and can be just as effective. You should be able to maneuver around her lower lip better with this type of brush. When she has her molars, however, it will be better to use the toothbrush you are using now.

Is it possible to damage the jaw accidentally by smacking the sides of mouth or ends of teeth with toothbrush too hard while brushing?

Not usually. Your jaw is quite hard. It would take a substantial amount of trauma to damage it. Try not brushing so hard... gently but thoroughly.
Not likely. Sometimes a minor injury to the jaw can result in TMJ disorder, or a bite problem, but not by brushing or flossing your teeth. See your dentist for TMJ eval.

Do you need to brush the inside sides of your mouth? I'm talking about the cheeks. I brush my teeth/gums with soft toothbrush 3x a day.

Not necessary. Keep the gentle brushing to the teeth and gum line just around each tooth. And don't forget to floss.
No. But you do need to thoroughly remove bacteria from your teeth, which means flossing or using water pik EVERY day. Ask your Dentist/Hygienist for instructions that are personalized for you. Brushing alone, without cleaning between teeth, without regular professional care, is guaranteed to be a road to failure.
There's no need to. The cheeks are smooth surface and mouth rinses will have much better effect.

I brush twice daily, floss daily, use mouth wash, use a miswak, and sometimes use interdental toothbrush. Why do I still have puffed up gums?

More info needed... Are you currently under the care of a dentist... That is, do you go for cleanings and check-ups every three to four months? When was your last professional cleaning? There may be calculus under the gums where your brush and floss do not reach. Your teeth and gums need evaluation. Call for an appointment.
Not enough. If you are going solo it is not going to work. You have to get your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular bases. Calculus can hide under the gums even when you think you are removing it. The dentist will check your gums and evaluate your medical health, some medical conditions (such as diabetes) can contribute to gum disease.