Is urinary retention dangerous or damaging to the kidneys?

Can Be. If you are retaining urine, this excessive urine can build up in the bladder and even backflow into the kidney. In either situation, you can develop a urinary tract infection, abdominal pain and eventually kidney failure. If you aare retaining urine, you should get this issue examined by a physician immediately.

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I have been on atovaquone for 7 month and started to get urinary retention 4 months ago. Prostate and kidneys normal. Is there any correlation?

Not known. Long term use of Malarone (atovaquone and proguanil) (atovone/proguanil) is uncommon due to its cost. It is generally thought to be safe, but not much is known. The indivudual components atovone & proguanil have been used for long periods without concerns. If you decide to stop Malarone (atovaquone and proguanil) to see if urinary retention is related make sure your doctor finds another effective antimlarial medication for you. Read more...

I would like to ask you from a medical standpoint some of the reasons why cystitis or bladder infections/inability to urinate or urinary retention continue to occur in a 33 year old female. My kidneys have been checked and my bowel quite completely. Yet,

There is a . Condition called interstitial cystitis where u have inflammation of the bladder wall and symptoms present just like a chronic UTI. Urine retention and urinary tract infections can also be caused by abnormal pathology of the urethra or ureter at the point of entering the bladder (ureterovesicular junction or UVJ) which will promote UTIs. U need a cystoscopy from a Urologist to diagnose and treat. Read more...