Hi docs. I need advice on: dermal fillers, botox, frown lines?

Need to be seen. You should see either a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to see if you need are there Botox or fillers.
Botox for Frown Line. If you have frown lines that you are concerned about then Botox will help. The frown lines will not disappear instantaneously but will improve with repeated use. If you have severe frown lines then a soft tissue filler often helps in combo with botox. Botox last 3-6 months; average 4 months. It is safe with essentially no down time - the most popular treatment. Seek a surgeon certified by abps.
They all differ. Botox will calm down the overactive forehead muscles resulting in a smoother forehead. While fillers such as Radiesse (dermal fillers) will lift and replace volume loss in the cheek region. For the lines around the mouth there are hyaluronic acid products, such as juvederm and expression, which soften these lines and can be used to sculpt the lips. www.artofplasticsurgery.com.