Help docs! My splint for TMJ isn't helping what should I do!?

Surgery. If splints, medication, physical therapy do not help, and symptoms are intolerable, most patients can be helped with arthroscopic surgery.
TMD\TMJ. Start by letting the dentist who fabricated the splint know that. It might require some adjustments or other treatment. Ask your dentist how well trained and experienced he\she is in this area and if you should be referred to another dentist with more training and experience. Most dentists simply make a night guard and cannot adequately treat more complicated cases.
Combo therapy. TMJ stabilization splint therapy combined with non-splint multimodal therapy for TMD effective for the management of temporomandibular disorders. See an Orofacial Pain specialist.
Need therapy. Splint therapy alone normally cannot help the TMJ/TMD symptoms. Exercises, physical therapy and some possibly life changes may be dictated and needed to support the use of a mouthpiece.