Help docs! My hands swell when I exercise!?

Not uncommon. That is not uncommon and often improves as a person becomes more conditioned.
Not uncommon. This is not terribly uncommon and is not a significant problem. The cause is unknown but is suggested that it is related to changes in blood flow to the hands caused by dilatation of blood vessels.

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My hands swell occasionally, like when I get excited or hot. During exercise and even after dancing for 10 mins. Should I be worried? Can not see doc

Do not worry. This is not a serious symptom. Swollen eyes or feet are more problematic. The swelling from the dilation of your vessels is a normal way for your body to regulate your body temperature. Read more...
Common issue. Not to worry unless swelling severe or doesn't go away fairly quickly. Try elevating hands for 20 mins to see if goes away faster! Read more...