I need help getting rid of my elbow stiffness and bicep soreness? Too much arm curls done.

Tylenol, (acetaminophen) nsaid, time. If your elbows are stiff and sore from too many arm curls, I suggest tylenol, (acetaminophen) nsaid's (ibuprofen, aleve, etc), rest, and time. Following this approach, your symptoms should be better within a week. If they are not, then we need to rethink the cause of your complaints. In this case, a trip to your doctor would be in order.

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I need help gpreventing elbow stiffness and bicep soreness from weights?

Cut back. Decrease the weight and repetitions, until symptoms dissapear or improve, but do not stop. Gradually increase reps. And weight over time. No more than 2-5 lbs per week. Keep reps. At 10-20. Massage the muscles after every workout, and increase protein intake.