I have been having pain in the back between the shoulder blade and spine, what exercises can help me.?

Stretching. It sounds as though you have sprained the rhomboid muscles. These support your shoulder blade and can be strained if you have been doing pull ups; sitting for long periods of time typing with your arms held out in front of you. Sometimes this pain is due to a nerve in your neck being pinched. Most likely it is musclular, and stretching along with stopping the source will help.
NoUniversal exercise. Best thing you can do is get a direct evaluation by a physiatrist, pain physician, or orthopedic/sports doc. A diagnosis of what is causing the pain is needed in order to tailor a specific exercise/ therapy program, which may or may not be warranted based on the pathology/injury causing your pain. No exercise program is universal for "back pain" & needs to be structured to fit your specific cause.