Hamstring or patella for ACL reconstruction, what are the factors involved treatment?

Surgeons preference. Both r acceptable ; each has it's own drawbacks. Either way accept the surgeon's advice as it is based on his/her experience. If u don't like the choice, seek an opinion from a surgeon who uses the technique u prefer.

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Orthopedic surgeon has my leg locked straight for 3 weeks after acl surgery using hamstring with no physical therapy. Is this concerning?

Every surgeon has- -their own protocol they follow. Some brace & some don't brace. I always started PT right away with the brace off and add motion to the brace as your motion increases. I look at the brace to protect from injury while up & about, so if you misstep the brace will keep you from flexing beyond what you have obtained in PT.

Acl reconstruction, 6 days out (hamstring). Muscle weakness, swelling, wobble when weight put on leg. Normal? Dr said I should be walking 1 week out.

NOT AS PREDICTED. Your recovery is slow at best, but not necessarily an area of worry, unless there is a problem with your femoral nerve. Strongly urge followup visit in next few days with your surgeon, and find out if this is just a slow recovery or a post-operative complication which needs to be addressed.

I had right leg ACL reconstruction 3weeks ago (hamstring graft). Now I have nerve pain. Sharp shooting pain when inside of leg pressed + inside leg, shin, ankle hypersensitive and burning on touch?

Speak to surgeon. It could be still due to post op swelling, your surgeon is the best person to evaluate your problem and answer.
Saphenous nerve? Sounds like a sensory nerve on the inside part of your knee might be irritated. Should improve with time. If if doesn't, consider seeing your orthopedist and a neurologist.

I had ACL reconstruction with a pat graph, I am having pain when I do heel slides, any bending of the leg. Feels like it is on fire.?

When your patellar. Tendon is used for aclreconstruction, it is normal to havepain and even a sensation of burning as you move thw knww for the first week or two. If this persistes past that point, you should speak to your surgeon.
You don't. Mention how long ago you had the surgery. Nonetheless, I would return to the orthopedist who did your surgery and see what they think.