Feet and hand numbness along with leg pain. What is wrong with me?

Neuropathy. Stocking and glove distribution of numbness is indicative of possible diabetic neuropathy. Pain can be associated with neuropathy as well. There are other causes for neuropathy so you need to follow up with primary care physician and/or neurologist.

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I had Ant. Cerv. Discectomy in 2012. Pain and grinding sound in neck, fingers turn blue, numbness in hands and leg, pain in back going to left leg.?

So sorry. I feel so bad that this has happened to you. The best approach would be to find a neurosurgeon and get your self reevaluated with a good examination and MRI. Then hopefully you can have the correct surgery. I so wish you good luck.
Something else. Symptoms in legs have nothing to do with your neck. The grinding is consistant most likely with bony scar tissue from the surgery, which is not a reason for repeat surgery. You need nerve studies to see if you have an underlying nerve disease (neuropathy). I would see a neurologist.

What does it mean if I have ddd and my feet and hands go numb all the time. Also if I sit for a long period my legs go totally numb?

Too many things?? You need to see a doctor to discuss. Ddd is arthritis of the spine and we all have it to a certain extent and numbness of hands and feet at 26yrs old would not be likely degenerative disc disease. Hands and feet nerves are from different areas of spine and if all go numb more likely something systemic. I hope you don't smoke. You need to see a physician to discuss and further tests.
DDD in young. It probably means nothing. Numbness of hands and feet is usually due to anxiety. Signs of cervical spinal cord compression could involve arm/hand, leg/foot numbness, loss of coordination and reflex changes. Other than that, I doubt that your symptoms are related to your presumably mild ddd. Numbness with sitting? Probably posture and pressure on the sciatic nerve in the buttock. Change positions.

Ok now not only my left hand is numb and tingly but so is my l forearm and my l leg from the knee down to my foot. What does this mean?

Recommend assessment. Immediately. With both upper and lower limb weakness/sensation changes, you may be having a stroke, especially with a history of hypertension and prior cardiac cath. Certain stroke can cause only sensory affects in specific areas, may be lacunar. Once stroke is ruled out, vertebral imaging can be done to identify radicular related issues. You may also have a polyneuropathy, but rule out stroke 1st.