Cognitve behaviour therapy vs psychoanalysis, which one is proven to be more effective?

Many misconceptions. "psychoanalysis" involves 3-5 sessions/week and may take years. Psychoanalytic therapy (based on psychoanalytic concepts/methods) involves weekly meetings and may take months. There is no scientific evidence cbt is more helpful. This is not just my opinion, it's the conclusion of the american psychological assn. Psychoanalytic therapy aims at self-knowledge and insight, ; a richer ; fuller life.
Short term/Long term. CBT tends to focus on symptoms relief and the effects of the therapy tend to lessen fairly quickly, compared to psychoanalysis, which is a much richer, and emotionally deeper type of treatment, with effects and benefits that are much longer lasting. Read the work of Jonathan Shedler for a better understanding.
Many providers. Favor cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychoanalysis takes a great deal of time ; is costly. The progress made in psychoanalysis is often slow. I think that they both have merits.