Is there really adhd, because I don't know anymore with all the other terms like autism, asp, add?

Sure There Is. Like every condition, it requires proper diagnosis. Kids with adhd are easily distracted, impulsive, have organizing problems and tend to be very fidgity.This is a simple description. The other things you mentioned are different conditions.
No doubt about it! What we now call adhd was first described in 1912. There are MRI and pet scan studies which show the differences in adhd brains and a wealth of clinical evidence. Autism and asperger's are both different conditions, and add is used to describe those with adhd who don't show mostly inattention. What's new is that dr. Paul wender found, about 25 years ago, that adhd extends into adulthood.
Absolutely yes. Adhd is one of the most proven and studied disorders in all of western medicine. There are thousands of research studies, including neuroimaging studies (.
Absolutely! Adhd is the best studied childhood mental disorder. Although some like to lump adhd with autism, there are marked differences, and adhd has well-established rules for diagnosis and treatment, along with excellent studies of long-term course. Autism does not become adhd, nor adhd, autism, though some chidlren may have both.