What are some good leg workouts?

Variety. This depends partially on what you are trying to accomplish. Aerobic options may include running, skating, rollerblading, cycling, and swimming. For exercises try some variation of a squat or lunge. These exercises can be done quickly, anywhere, and with or without additional weights.

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What are some good leg workouts for toning thighs?

Toning Thighs. Tone Thighs w plie, squat, wall squat, ball squat, Plyometric Squat,stair steps, lunges, lunges w dumbbells, ball squeeze & single leg Circle. Tone inner thighs w extended leg lifts, inner thigh press, standing thigh press, deep squat,wall squat, lunge, Thigh ball squeeze,walking, swimming, biking & in-line skating. Read more...