Is it possible to tell if I have a broken bone in my foot?

X-ray. X-ray is the way to best tell this. Pretty hard to do based on physical exam alone. Ct, MRI may also diagnose, though x-ray is first-line.
Without x-rays? Without imaging studies, determining whether there is a broken bone is not easy. When there is crunching with excruciating pain an swelling or obvious deformity (yuck!), it can be obvious. Otherwise, an orthopedist can often determine fractures with palpation (pushing around), or with a tuning fork (though not many of us carry one around with us!).

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Could you tell me if my foot is still really bruised does that mean the broken bone isnt healing?

Not necessarily. Broke bones take 6-8 weeks to heal under normal situation. Read more...
it may mean that. Your foot got really bruised and it take a few weeks for hte bruisng to begin to go away but it is dependent upoi=n how much bruisng you started with , your general health and circulation, how swollen you were, how agresviley you iced or elvated to reduce swelling and bruising initially. And certainly of bruising is going away and then comes back then one needs to get reevaluated. Read more...