Can there be some other parent out there who has a child with pituitary dwarfism & spina bifida combined?

Rare. I have been practicing pediatric radiology for forty years and have seen one case of achondrodysplasia dwarfism associated with spina bifida. Patients with spina bifida have high incidence of associated anomalies developing from multiiple germ layers. Pituiary gland develops from neuroectoderm. List of many associated but rare syndromes.
Spina bifida. In over thirty years of caring for both disorders I have not seen both in one patient. This has to be an extremely rare combination of disorders.

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If cushing's syndrome is undiagnosed during pregnancy what problems could the baby be born with? Could this cause pituitary dwarfism?

Not really. Cushing's doe not appear to be terribly damaging to the fetus. Most complications seen from cushing's in pregnancy result from effects on the health of the mother, which can in turn affect the health of the developing fetus. Common maternal complication is high blood pressure, which can lead to pre-eclampsia, can also predispose to diabetes during pregnancy. Once born, babies are usually normal. Read more...