Are electric blankets safe for people with peripheral neuropathy?

May cause a bun. If you are not able to sense heat as good as you should this could result in a thermal burn.
Yes....but. They can help. Get one with an automatic shut off so that you don't burn yourself. Also I would avoid the highest setting as your ability to realize that it is too hot may be compromised.
May help cold. Not unique for many neuropathies to cause cold feet, especially at night, and the small fibre variants are the worst. However, try warm socks, which should help. If electric blanket kept on low setting, should be relatively safe, and most modern american blankets are designed to prevent burns.

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Is getting botox for peripheral neuropathy safe?

No. While Botox can be used for several painful conditions, currently it is not indicated for peripheral neuropathy.
Probably. Botox is a safe medication and if administered by a trained professional, it is safe.
NO. Botox works on the nerves that cause muscles to contract. It does not work to block pain fibers in the nerve. It can help in migraines because it stops the muscles around nerves from contracting and causing compression.

What is the common age that people get peripheral neuropathy?

Unable to determine. There are so many different types of neurpathies that no specific age of onset can be determined.
Any age. One can develop peripheral neuropathy at any age.
Later adult. Diabetes is the most common cause (in America), and tends to come on in later adult years.
It varies. Some people are born with neuropathy. Many people develop it as a consequence of Diabetes as an adult, often over 50 years old. The age of onset really varies with the cause. Not all causes of peripheral neuropathy are the same. Neuropathy is not an illness related to age. Hope that helps!

Please tell me some severe symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

See below. Beside the burning, numbness, and tingling, you may be more prone to falls. You may also be prone to foot ulcers especially if your are diabetic.
Damage to nerves. Neuropathy is damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of or trauma p.Neuropathy may be associated with varying combinations of weakness, autonomic changes, and sensory changes. Loss of muscle bulk or a particular fine twitching of muscle, may be seen. Sensory symptoms encompass loss of sensation and pain due to damage to the sensory nerve.

What the difference between peripheral neuropathy and spondylolisthesis?

Peripheral. Nueropathy is where there is damage to a peripheral nerve, or nerve outside your spinal cord (in the periphery). Spondylolithesis is where you have slippage of one vertebrae over another in your spine, graded on 1-4 scale. Workup and treatments will differ. Discuss with your physician different options for each. Multiple causes of peripheral neuropathy and cause will need to be identified.
Completely different. Neuropathy refers to nerve irritation, while spondylolisthesis refers to the misalignment of two vertebrae when looking from the side.

Are unexplained peripheral neuropathy issues typically diagnosed anxiety?

Kinda. Symptoms of a generalized anxiety disorder do over lap with many known neurologic disorders. Unexplained peripheral neuropathy is a valid diagnosis. They can be objectively evaluated with EMG and ncs.
No. While there may be overlapping symptoms in different pathologies, true peripheral neuropathy confirmed by testing such as emg, can not be explained away as anxiety. These are two separate issues.