What to do if I have TMJ disorder, and it is killing me. Is there surgery to correct it?

Last option. Tmj surgery should be the last option after all conservative procedures have been attempted. True, if there has been severe trauma, then some surgery cannot wait. A thorough history and exam, including x-rays, an mri, etc. May be needed to determine if surgery should be considered.
TMJ pain. Surgery should always be a last option. See your dentist or a tmj/tmd specialist. Most TMJ pain is a result of bruxism (chronic teeth grinding and/or clenching). Initial treatment consists of a bite evaluation and a bruxism splint to be worn at night and possibly during the day. Also an evaluation for sleep apnea. If necessary, x-rays of the TMJ to evaluate for any damage.
Yes, but. Surgery very effective but non-surgical treatment better. Surgery reserved for cases that non-surgical treatment can't help. A good TMJ surgeon (me) is in Sacramento, CA.