I am so scared I will get pregnant. I want a baby but have type 1 diabetes. What should I do?

Control sugars. As long as your sugars are well controlled, it is safe for a diabetic patient to have a baby. During pregnancy, the goals for your blood glucose levels are more tightly regulated so just work closely with your physician and you should be able to have a healthy pregnancy.
Plan ahead. Consult with your obstetrician before you attempt pregnancy. There's a check list for you and your physician to do starting with vitamins, Folic Acid and getting your glucose blood levels controlled. Co-management with an endocrinologist or perinatologist with give you the best chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.
Don't worry. Your OB gyn will monitor your blood sugars and your urine for ketones. If your blood sugars are well controlled and you watch your weight gain your pregnancy should go well. Pregnancy is a risk even for non diabetic women and we can't guarantee outcomes, but millions of women get thru it with no problem every day.