I have joint pain in my fingers from video games. What should I do?

It easy. Stop playing the games, and rest your fingers.Thank you.
Repetitive stress. We wrote a paer some time ago wiht video game players. We called it video game violence. This is a repititive stress injury and you need to approach it in this manner. Pacing yourself, stretching between games can help. In sports we recommend heat - exercise - ice ( heat before sports and ice after sports). You will have to find what works for you.

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Possibly. Pregnancy brings about a lot of body changes. One of these is a relaxing hormone that helps the pelvis stretch for the delivery. This can cause some other areas to stretch and become painful. Taking care of a new baby can put a lot of stress on areas that you haven't used much before. Pregnancy sometimes brings out an underlying arthritis problem. If this keeps up get it checked out. Read more...