Are the best plastic surgeons for women in brazil>those women are hot?

Best are all over. Best highly trained plastic surgeons are all over the world. America has best renowned cosmetic & reconstructive surgeons in world who devised phenomenal techniques ( disclosure I am not selling not a plastic surgeon). Best place is here for safety and beauty. People went to brazil for confidentiality and secrecy , the great dr pitanguy name still carries.
Matter of marketing. There are some pretty hot women in the usa, or europe or asia or africa for that matter. One of the differences is that plastic surgeons are celebrities in brazil and plastic surgery is generally viewed favorably and celebrated there whereas in the usa, it may be viewed as a shortcut, or a stigma, or matter of great secrecy.
Good observation! Cosmetic surgery is very popular in brazil and not thought to be a sign of vanity, etc., so a great deal is done there and it is very socially acceptable. Having said that, there are excellent plastic surgeons all over the world (and beautiful women as well...Only some of whom have had plastic surgery.).
While there. Are certainly plenty of attractive latina ladies from brazil and good plastic surgeons there too, one doesn't really always correlate with the other. Pick your surgeon based on their training, experience, board-certification, results, personality and so on.