Is it possible that the head enlargement of children with hydrocephalus be reversed?

Hydrocephalus. It depends on the age of the child at the time of treatment. Early on the head can compensate for the size but as the child the gets older this is less the case thought in some cases the child's growth will compensate for the large head. It is mostly based on the timing of the surgical treatment, earlier is better.
Depends. Depends on how large the head is now & how old the child is. If the skull has fused, a reduction cranioplasty (the operation u are suggesting) can be very difficult, even life-threatening (thru blood loss). If the skull is not fused (generally an infant), the head should return to a normal size w/ treatment of the hydro. See my monograph on hydro here:

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Is it possible that there is no visible head enlargement for a child with hydrocephalus?

Depends. The term hydrocephalus is generally used to describe any condition producing an excess of fluid within the brain. The more common form is due to a blockage of the spinal fluid plumbing system with a buildup of pressure that can expand the infant skull. Another cause is the loss of brain substance due to injury (stroke, infection) & fluid fills is the empty space under little or no pressure. Read more...

Can it be possible that there is no visible head enlargement for a 1-yr-old child diagnosed with hydrocephalus?

Its possible. This would depend on the cause of the hydrocephalus. If the cause is blockage of CSF flow (by a blood clot or tumor) there should be a back pressure that will cause the head enlargement. If the cause of the hydrocephalus is an ex vacuo phenomenon from a problem with development (ie. There is not as much brain tissue), the ventricles can dilate out to fill the space. There is not the back pressure. Read more...