I can't walk without having a sharp lower back pain? Is it because I am pregnant?

Probably not. Pregnancy does not typically cause back pain until the 2nd or 3rd trimester, when many women experience round ligament pain as a result of the uterus stretching to accommodate the growing baby. However, a sharp pain that is elicited whenever you walk can be due to many other reasons. Best to be seen by an orthopedist to evaluate your back.
Possibly. Lower back pain is common in pregnancy. Tylenol (acetaminophen) and hot baths will help to relax the back. Mention it to your obstetrician, and they can give you some exercises to help.

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I have lower back pain on my right side that goes down butt check and leg. When I stand up I can barley walk and makes me stiff. And causes sharp pain?

Pinched Nerve. While there are many causes of leg pain, one of the most common causes is lumbar radiculopathy. This occurs when one of the nerves leaving the back gets compressed as it leaves the spine and travels down the leg. Compression may occur due to degenerative/bulging discs or arthritic bone spurs contacting the nerve. See your physician if these symptoms last longer than 2 weeks.
Radiculopathy. Sounds like pain from your back and effecting the nerve that goes into your leg. Would definitely have checked out.

Have lower back pain difficulty walking more than 200m shortness of breath. Any idea what the problem could be?

DOE w/ LBP. The cause of shortness of breath with activity (dyspnea on exertion) and lower back pain cannot be readily known by a physician unless you are seen by the doctor in person for an evaluation. These two complaints are very general, have a myriad of causes and likely involve more than one body system or organ. Any answer would be speculative. Seek proper medical evaluation when in doubt.

I have sudden severe lower back pain, difficulty walking, any movement at all including breathing makes it worse. History of lumbar lordosis. Help!!!

U might be having an. Acute LBP due to a disk herniation. Any pain going down the leg or any numbness in your leg/foot/toes?? Any urinary or bowel problems, like loss of control? If any of the above symptoms are present, then you probably need to be seen in ER, specially if urinary/bowels symptoms are present, as you may require to be seen by a Spinal surgeon. Otherwise, resting and taking NSAiDs would help & See PCP.